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SAIC and China Railway Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Build Green Logistics New Ecology

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SAIC News According to SAIC officials, SAIC and China Railway Corporation have signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing recently. Secretary of the Party Committee of Chenghai Group, Chen Hong, chairman of the board of directors of the China Railway Corporation and general manager Lu Dongfu attended the signing ceremony. The

In recent years, SAIC sales steadily increased year by year, from 5.1 million in 2013 to 20168 6.48 million, production base throughout the country, and China's railway network has covered the whole area along the way.

In 1995, SAIC took the lead in the industry to use the railway for vehicle transportation, its subsidiary Shanghai Automobile Sales Corporation and the Shanghai Railway Bureau and other joint venture set up China's first professional engaged in commodity rail transport companies - Shanghai Antong commodity car Railway Transport Company Limited. In 2008, the East joint venture to adjust the SAIC-owned professional auto logistics subsidiary Anji logistics and China Railway is directly under the professional transport enterprises in the special cargo.

SAIC's Anji Logistics, through accelerating and improving the logistics network layout and optimizing the capacity structure, has been formed to cover more than 4,000 highways, seven rivers along the river, six coastal routes, 21 ships, warehousing management area of more than 10 million square meters 26 central warehouses and 26 major railway lines of integrated intelligent logistics platform, becoming the world's largest automotive vehicle and parts logistics providers.

It is understood that the current Anji logistics vehicle annual capacity of more than 6 million, the vehicle transport market share of more than 30%, ranked domestic and international vehicle logistics industry first. In 2016, SAIC completed a total of 1.225 million vehicle rail transport. 2016 China Railway special cargo to complete the total volume of 2.92 million units, of which SAIC accounted for 42% of traffic volume.

In the 22 years of revolutionary friendship, the two sides eventually work together "marriage." After the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, with the convenience of China Railway National Road network, SAIC will be based on supply side reform, the car sales level extends to remote mountainous areas, product line coverage is broader. By building a large platform for social services, the two sides to build a new model of logistics services to achieve service upgrades and optimization, directly improve the logistics line security, overall efficiency and reliability. In the realization of security and convenience at the same time, both sides of the sharing of information resources on the basis of the two sides will work together to promote the "Internet +" construction, the construction of the "Internet + logistics" service platform will further boost the new economy cost.

Accelerated incremental optimization model is the inevitable trend of urban development, SAIC, China Railway through the advance of logistics cooperation, coordinated development will help both sides to form a differentiated advantage, into the market development capability, will drive the domestic economic and social development in the west, residents can enjoy more The benefits of more business opportunities.

It is understood that SAIC and China Railway after the joint, will be integrated networking, large data, cloud computing, automation and other modern technology into the cooperation and innovation projects, through the construction of intelligent railways and intelligent repairer, and gradually achieve " Intelligent "two in one, to create a new green logistics ecology.

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